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On the road to success

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As part of NexusTours ongoing expansion program, our partners and customers can now enjoy the benefits of having a local expert in 13 different countries, and our scope will surely keep expanding. In addition, through NexusTours Water Sports, guests can now take part in scuba diving, jet skiing, banana boat rides and much more, with a varied program of diving, motorized and non-motorized water sports.

And lastly, to ensure a perfectly managed and integral travel experience, we are now introducing NexusTours Ground Transportation Services. Besides working with carefully selected and trustworthy suppliers, we already own a brand new fleet, featuring state-of-the-art technology, spacious and comfortable air-conditioned passenger cabins and a wide variety of vehicle capacities.

Available for FITs, special events, or groups, NexusTours Ground Transportation Service is a new way to make the best out of any trip. Also, we have the highest insurance coverage, a key factor to consider when opting for a Destination Management Company. And, for business traveler groups, we can provide customized signage, featuring your name or company logo.

This is the kind of broad spectrum service that is already making us standout as travel industry leaders. Always ready to expand our horizons and able to adapt our offer to YOUR demand!

02 May, 15



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