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NexusTours rewards the best service providers within the Jamaican tourism industry through special event: Suppliers Awards 2015

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Montego Bay, Jamaica – June 19th, 2015

The Royalton White Sands Montego Bay recently opened the doors of its gala hall to host the Suppliers Awards 2015. A special event organized by NexusTours to reward those outstanding service providers within the Jamaican tourism industry. The event followed the steps of a previous ceremony held in the city of Cancun, Mexico -where local suppliers were also rewarded-, and is contemplated as an event to be repeated periodically for years to come, as an aim to stress the bonds between NexusTours and its partners.

NexusTours’ Country Director for Jamaica and host of the event, Andrew Smith, began by thanking the eighty attendees for their presence and support shown to the company. He highlighted the relevance of actions of the kind because they encourage retribution of professional high standards as shown by each one of Jamaican Nexus’ suppliers; inviting them to continue growing conjunctly and to look for every day improvement, both for the customer’s satisfaction and also as a way to boost tourism in the country.

He also pointed out the importance of collaboration and of joint efforts between Nexus and its service providers, ascribing the relevance of their services as integral to last year’s huge success and inviting them to stay close and continue being part of Nexus’ steep block curve.

Ruben Gutierrez, NexusTours Managing Director, mentioned he was proud of all the objectives achieved by the Jamaica team under Mr. Smith management. He emphasized on their strong strategic model and value for successfully positioning the company in 13 countries and 34 destinations with more than two million passengers carried over the past year. He encouraged the suppliers to continue working with NexusTours, which in 2014 expanded its portfolio to more than two thousand products and has more than 400 suppliers in the main tourist destinations in the Caribbean.

Pablo Gutierrez, Product and New Distribution Channels Corporate Director, highlighted the importance of innovating and penetrating the most important market segments for the benefit of travelers. Likewise, he encouraged suppliers to submit the highest quality, innovation and differentiation in their products as added value for customers.

Finally and as the main objective of the evening, four different award were given to the CEOs of outstanding suppliers of NexusTours. The big winners included:

The Most Growth Award – Rhapsody Cruise, received by Mr. Greg Lee, Director

The Most Innovative Award – Chukka Adventures, received by Mr. Mark Melville, Director

The Best in Quality Award – Five Star Water Sports, received by Vanella Padmore, Managing Director

The Supplier of the Year – Kiuki Tours, received by Menard Clarke, CEO.

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