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NexusTours recognizes its top suppliers in Mexico during the Suppliers Awards 2016

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For the second consecutive year, NexusTours recognizes its suppliers through the Suppliers Awards ceremony in its 2016 edition, with the aim of strengthening its current networks, and the intention of expressing gratitude for their contribution in adding value to the brand.

The event took place in the three main destinations of Mexico where NexusTours has a presence: Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun.

The Suppliers Awards were conceived by NexusTours to strengthen the bonds that the company has built with its suppliers, currently over 100 spread all across the country.

¨We (NexusTours) want to highlight how significant for the company is the collaboration from our suppliers. Showing our appreciation and commitment by means of the Suppliers Awards Ceremony¨ explained Reto Staub, Mexico Country Director for NexusTours.

The event opening was led by Rubén Gutiérrez, Managing Director of NexusTours, who, delving into issues of paramount importance to all attendees, addressed them in an effort to reflect on the achievements of the current year, the lines of business of the company, product distribution and customer service topics, in addition to commenting on current marketing strategies and expectations for the upcoming year.


Ruben Gutierrez, Managing Director of NexusTours, speaking an the Suppliers Awards 2016 in Cancun

Futhermore, the guests had the opportunity to be the premiere audience for the company’s brand new corporate video, related to the BeConcept, which is an innovative marketing strategy to approach the customers, recently launched by NexusTours, and projected to be implemented in all of its media, with the purpose of adapting their products to the personality and interests of the different types of travelers.

Followed by lively introductions that filled the place with smiles and anticipation, Mr. Staub finally presented the following awards:



Most innovative Supplier – Alltournative

Supplier with the Greatest Growth- Río Secreto

Top Quality Supplier – Ocean Tour

Supplier of the Year – Dolphin Discovery

Reps Favorite Tour – Xel-Há


Puerto Vallarta

Most Innovative Supplier – Vallarta Adventures

Supplier with the Greatest Growth- Wild Treks

Top Quality Supplier – Vallarta Adventures

Supplier of the Year – Transportes de la Bahía

Reps Favorite Tour – Day Off Cruise / Cielito Lindo


Los Cabos

Most Innovative Supplier – Cactus ATV Tours

Supplier with the Greatest Growth- Wild Canyon

Top Quality Supplier – Cabo Rey

Supplier of the Year – Cabo Adventures

Reps Favorite Tour – Luxury Day Sailing / Cabo Adventures

Ocean Tour wins as Top Quality Supplier at the NexusTours Suppliers Awards 2016 in Cancun.

Ocean Tour wins as Top Quality Supplier at the NexusTours Suppliers Awards 2016 in Cancun.

¨The solid growth of NexusTours has been possible largely due to the synergy that we have achieved with our suppliers. We seek mutual success through innovation and product differentiation, which results in a vast and complete portfolio of activities, with added value and exclusive products, which we have managed to deliver to travelers as a way to enhance their experience and to ensure their full satisfaction¨, emphasized Mr. Gutierrez.

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