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NexusTours provides services to more than 5000 visitors at Desalia, the emblematic music festival in the Dominican Republic

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In the ninth edition of the most important music festival in the Dominican Republic, Desalia 2016, NexusTours, a leading Destination Management Company in the region, implemented an impressive logistical operation, to deliver the highest standards of service to over 5000 attendees; from an impeccable transportation service, processing permits and land rental, to providing excursions for the performing artists and general public.

“It’s a large event that has been taking place for the last 9 years, and thanks to NexusTours being the only operator to offer round-the-clock-service, we were able to carry out a high quality logistic without setbacks”, highlighted José Aparicio, NexusTours Country Director, pointing out the fact that during a whole week, transfers were made to all hotels in Bavaro, with the 20th February, in particular, a peak day, during which 120 buses from the Nexus Fleet were operated for over 12 hours continuously.

In order to perform the operation, a team of just over 45 collaborators, wearing the easily recognizable uniform, was in charge of making sure every last detail was taken care of, with a focus on maximum punctuality and professionalism. “We created special routes, making sure that our buses were on site 45 minutes prior to the requested time, maintaining close contact with the organizers to assist them at all times”, he added.

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Furthermore, due to the fact that the Dominican Republic, and in particular, Punta Cana, is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, NexusTours offered its most popular tours and activities: “We organized an excursion to Juanillo beach for 70 artists, a true tropical paradise of white sands, turquoise sea, and with all the facilities, an excellent beach day!”, recalls José Aparicio.

After this gratifying and enjoyable experience in Desalia, 2016, Rubén Gutiérrez, Managing Director, NexusTours, predicted that the following years will be even more successful, consolidating this great event as one of the most important in the Caribbean. “I’d like to congratulate and thank all the team who collaborated in order to make this great celebration a complete success; this is another example that NexusTours are the destination experts”, he added.


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