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NexusTours offers a new distribution channel: In the sky

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Back in April of 2014, NexusTours, a leading destination service company, launched an innovative sales strategy on board 39 aircraft from Sunwing Airlines, a subsidiary of the Sunwing Travel Group, with a firm commitment to bringing the most popular excursions and activities closer to their travellers. The Inflight Program consists of a practical, visually-appealing brochure, through which more than 2 million passengers who travel each year from the United States and Canada to the Caribbean and Central America, can get easy access to the best local tours in a simple, convenient and secure way.

What started as a pilot program with only three destinations included has developed into what has now become the 6th edition of a publication that currently includes more than 230 products in 11 countries and 32 destinations, distributed over 76 pages in an onboard reader-friendly brochure. “We are world pioneers in the implementation of this sales strategy for excursions,” declared Rubén Gutiérrez, Managing Director of NexusTours, adding, “The Inflight Program has been well received by our travellers as it has enabled them to plan their experiences during their vacation, even prior to arrival in destination.”

At the same time, NexusTours offers its wide catalogue of excursions through digital media, such as its website and the Connect2Nexus app; and also through the representatives in destination, Watersports modules and Tour Desks, located in a range of hotels and airports.

The Inflight Program is promoted in an explanatory video which is projected on the in-flight entertainment systems, and the only thing that customers need to do is choose their preferred excursions and reserve them directly with the flight attendants. For their convenience, payment is taken during the flight either in cash or by credit card.


“It is just as simple as purchasing duty free items on board”, assures Pablo Gutiérrez, Product & Marketing Corporate Director, emphasizing, “We offer the trust, confidence and backup of more than 20 years of experience in the tourism sector; the most important thing is that we offer the most popular excursions and our most exclusive tours at truly competitive prices, guaranteeing availability to the customers, even before their vacation in the destination begins.”

In this new edition of the Inflight Program, NexusTours has included its new policy: Best Price Guarantee; with a commitment to offering an automatic refund of any price difference, in case a lower price exists in resort. The aim is to offer more transparency to customers in order to create and develop customer loyalty and preference.

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