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NexusTours gives recognition to its suppliers from the Dominican Republic on the third edition of the Suppliers Awards 2017

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NexusTours, the leading destination management company, celebrated a new edition of the Suppliers Awards 2017, an event that, for three years in a row has gathered the touristic sector’s distinguished representatives with the objective of bestowing  special recognition to its suppliers from the Dominican Republic.

The celebration took place at the Hard Rock Café inside the Blue Mall in Punta Cana and included the participation of approximately 300 people, among them, the destination’s most prominent suppliers along with tourism authorities.

NexusTours Suppliers Awards

In the same way on behalf of Nexus attended Managing Director Ruben Gutierrez, Country Director, Jose Aparicio and Deputy Country Director, Isabelle Walgeback, who were in charge of thanking all present for being part of the brand’s growth and for their whole disposition to achieve excellent results, strengthening commercial bonds even further.

Gutierrez emphasized that “At Nexus it is impossible to conceive our success without relying on the collaboration and the support of you all, the suppliers; thank you so much for honoring us with your trust and for being part of our growth.”

Likewise, he highlighted the fact that Nexus is now present in 15 countries and 47 destinations in Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America, attending 2,300,000 clients positioning itself as leader within the touristic scene through an ample portfolio with over 4,000 products entailing land transportation services, the best excursions and all types of services on destination.

NexusTours Suppliers Awards

Jose Aparicio, the company’s Country Director, thanked the attendees for all the support given, emphasizing the importance of the collaboration and conjoined work between the suppliers and NexusTours.

He also explained that the Dominican Republic welcomed over 500,000 passengers during the last annual business period with a monthly average of 8 thousand transfers attending and 60 weekly charter flights, converting Nexus into the country’s largest receptive operation company.

Based upon a whole year of successful operations, NexusTours carefully selected each one of the categories to be awarded and disclosed the winners starting with the segment BeConcept, which responds to innovative strategy of product differentiation, and focuses in the travelers’ interests:

  • Whynot Country Adventure  – Best Product Be Cultural
  • Tours- Point – Best Product Be Adventurous
  • Coco Bongo – Best Product Be Entertained
  • Imagine – Best Product Be Rhythmic
  • Ocean Adventure – Best  Product Be Aquatic
  • Power Adventure – Best  Product Be Active
  • Dolphin Discovery – Best  Product Be Aquatic
  • Adventure Transport – Best  Product Be Adventurous


In the same way, the following awards were given to:

  • Soliman Transportation, Emy Transportation and  Monumental Transportation – Maximum collaboration
  • Las Americas store – Best Strategic Alliance
  • Punta Cana’s International Airport – Excellence in customer service
  • Blue Diamond Resorts & Hotels – Special acknowledgement to Collaboration and Support at providing NEXUS services




 We are the leading Destination Management Company in the region, with a presence in over 15 countries and more than 47 destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America, transporting more than 2 million passengers a year. We belong to the Sunwing Travel Group and, backed up with more than 20 years of experience in the field, we have our own fleet of modern vehicles for transfers and excursions. We offer the most comprehensive program of in-destination services, both at the airport and at the tour and hospitality desks in the hotels. We are committed to excellence in customer service and assistance; for this reason we offer the most up-to-date channels providing customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, through our Contact Center, website, online chat service and our App Connect2Nexus whereby travelers can find all the information they need and are able to contact our professional team free of charge.

In addition to the Tour Operators within our group such as Sunwing Vacations, Signature Vacations and Vacation Express, we are honored to be trusted by more than 500 prominent Tour Operators, leaders in their markets of Latin America, Mexico and Europe, among them, TUI Travel Group.

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24 Nov, 17



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