You say Buena Vista Social Club and think of Cuba

You say Buena Vista Social Club and think of Cuba

What began as a social dance and music club in the 1940s became the most important Cuban show in the country.

Five decades later, after the closure of the social club, Cuban musician Juan de Marcos and American guitarist Ry Cooder (ranked 8th out of the 100 best guitarists by Rolling Stones magazine) found inspiration in the Buena Vista Social Club to create, along with other Cuban musicians who belonged to the club, a recording with the same name. In a short time, the creation of these talented musicians was so successful that he even had his own Oscar-winning film for the best long documentary.

“Bolero, Guajira, danzón, cha-cha-cha, jazz, salsa and Cuban son. It is music you can feel on your skin.”

Buena vista

Buena Vista Social Club‘s sales and popularity skyrocketed. In shops, cafés and mojito bars you could hear the rhythmic sound of melodies like Chan Chan, Candela, Dos Gardenias or De Camino La Vereda. In a short time, Buena Vista was crowned as the best-selling album in Cuban history.

Currently, Buena Vista Social Club has become a concept of worldwide interest that encompasses the best rhythms of Cuban music, talented musicians, and singers, as well as the best lyrics and all the flavor of the Golden Age of Cuban Music.

“They say when you close your eyes you can smell the aroma of cigar and rum.”

In Havana and Varadero, the Buena Vista Social Club music show, made up of outstanding men and women dedicated to music, opens its doors to visitors, interpreting the best songs that brought it to the top and reminding its listeners that Buena Vista is not just music, but a state of mind that deeply expresses Cuban feelings and the history of its people.

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“The recipe doesn’t change: music, rhythm, and flavor in the purest Cuban style.”

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