Traveling during Holy Week?

Traveling during Holy Week?

Tips to enjoy your Holy Week and Easter trip

One of the most anticipated seasons of the year has arrived, the Easter holidays! If you are in a wonderful beach paradise, alone or accompanied, we present some recommendations for you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Traveling with children?

children in the beach

No matter if you travel by car or plane, prepare your portable electronic device with the best series and movies for your children, or if you prefer, think of games and songs to keep them entertained. If the children do not get easily dizzy, a good book can also be helpful.

Will you travel circuit?

If you plan to travel to several places during Holy Week, plan your trip on the highway; check the best route and the state of the roads, and avoid leaving during peak hours. If you are traveling with minors, remember to place the car seat for children and babies correctly.

In addition, take into account the weather conditions so that you do not get caught in the middle of the road or for it not to affect activities that you have contemplated.

If you travel alone we recommend that you share with a friend or relative your itinerary or route and the dates of your trip, especially if you are in another country.

Are you spiritual?

Holy Week is not only a spring-break vacation; it is also a time for culture, spirituality and reflection. You can attend the processions of Holy Week, Masses and / or take advantage of the cultural activities offered in the destination you visit.

Do not get ill!

The worst thing that can happen to you is to get sick during your holidays! Take a medicine cabinet with common medications that you take regularly, such as colds, stomach indigestion, etc. to be prepared for any mishap or emergency that may arise during your trip.

And finally, have fun!

in the beach

beach with friends

Whether you use the Holy Week and Easter holidays to calm, relax and reflect, or if you want to have fun during your trip, the important thing is that you enjoy your vacation and forget for a while of your everyday life. And do not forget to visit the Nexus website to find the best activities in destination!

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