Top 3 Things You Must Do in Costa Rica

Top 3 Things You Must Do in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America known for its lush jungles and  offers endless options for memorable experiences for visitors. Whether it’s visiting a wildlife reserves, or tropical beaches, there are always interesting attractions and exciting adventures for every traveler and the relaxed “Pura Vida” atmosphere in Costa Rica can be felt in every corner. Read on for 3 iconic activities that you must do when you’re in Costa Rica

1. Arenal volcano


One of Costa Rica’s most notable natural features is the Arenal Volcano. Although the volcano entered into a resting phase in 2010 – meaning that its eruptions have paused – it is still a stunning sight. Arenal was made a national park in 1995, and it is part of the Area de Conservación Arenal, which protects most of the Cordillera de Tilarán.

The activities within this area are endless  –  including whitewater rafting, waterfall rappelling, hiking, canopy tours, horseback rides. The volcano’s geothermal activity heats dozens of underground water flumes. Local landowners, tapping into this natural source, have created a number of beautiful hot springs.

2. Hot springs – Buena Vista


The thermal waters of Costa Rica are one of the main attractions of the country. In Buena Vista discover the purest and relaxing hot springs of Guanacaste, the thermal waters of Rincon de la Vieja. You can enjoy 5 pools of crystalline thermal water from natural sources, volcanic mud and sauna, under the shade of the forest and surrounded by two rivers that flow from the volcano, makes it a unique place to recharge your batteries, reflect and heal soul.

3. Tenorio River Rafting


White water rafting in Costa Rica is the perfect adventure activity to add to any vacation itinerary. There are rafting tours in Costa Rica for all ages, from calm class 2-3 rivers to the more exciting 3-4 rivers, both offering opportunities to speed, adrenaline, whirls, and complex maneuvers on this exciting adventure.

According to rapids’ classification, Tenorio River’s section known as Pozo Azul, belongs to Class III; although, due to its powerful currents, unexpected turns, and challenging waterfalls, also qualify as Class IV. With more than 8 miles long, this path is ideal for extreme sports lovers and something that rafting experts cannot miss at Costa Rica.

In addition, with seven national parks and three nature reserves for wildlife, at Costa Rica there are a lot of things to enjoy and discover!

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