Tips for choosing the ideal swimsuit

Tips for choosing the ideal swimsuit

Choose the best one for you!

Enjoy the hottest days of the year and choose the swimsuit that suits you best.  Here are some tips to make you look amazing during your holidays:

For women

Inverted triangle body

  • If you have a large bust, the bathing suits with wide straps that support you and cover your entire bust are ideal for you.
  • Avoid the ruffles at the top.
  • If you wear a bikini, wear the bottoms as low as your hips or high waisted, not in-between.

Apple-shaped body

  • For this body type we recommend a tankini suit.
  • If you like bikinis, wear high waisted cuts.
  • For bathing suits, opt for designs that disguise the abdomen area, with belts, ruffles and prints of various shapes.

Rectangular body

  • Figure with small bust, broad thighs and back and slightly delineated waist.
  • The ideal is to wear bikinis tops with padded cups, fringes, ruffles and flashy prints to simulate a larger bust.
  • For the bottoms, try to wear low-hip cut.
  • Avoid plain bathing suits in a single color.

Hourglass shape

  • Body shape with a narrow waist, with the back and hips aligned.
  • Ideal for wearing bikinis with thin straps or strapless tops, high waisted bottoms and a heart neckline.
  • You can use all kinds of one-piece bathing suits.

For men

Skinny body

  • For this type of body, it is recommended to wear a micro short suit.
  • It is recommended to use micro shorts it if you have a flat stomach.
  • If you are very tall or have very thin legs, avoid Bermuda style bathing suits.

Athletic body

  • You can wear long surfer style shorts, with large pockets above the knees.
  • Ideal figure for speedo swimsuits.
  • If your legs are very thin and long you must avoid large suits.

Husky shape

  • To hide the extra weight, the best option is to wear boxers.
  • This type of swimsuit usually comes with elastic waistbands and a drawstring to adjust to your body, which visually thins up the figure.
  • Avoid wearing high waisted suits.

Not sculpted bodies

  • Bermuda style bathing suits are perfect for this shape because they fit all types of silhouettes.
  • You must avoid tight and small swimsuits.

 No worries!

Regardless of your body type, it is best to focus on feeling comfortable, enjoy your vacation and have fun with the best activities that Nexus has in-store for you!

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