The Caribbean is ready for Hurricane Season

The Caribbean is ready for Hurricane Season

As every year, the Caribbean is ready to face the hurricane Season, which was officially inaugurated on June 1st and will last until November 30th.

According to the National hurricane Center, it is predicted that around 21 of these meteorological phenomena will occur in the Atlantic Ocean this year.

Some of the countries adjacent to the Atlantic are: Antigua, Bahamas, Cuba, Grenada, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, USA, Dominican Republic, and Mexico.

In the case of Mexico, in the Riviera Maya the Specialized Operational Committee on Hydrometeorological Phenomena 2019 was established, and it is ready to operate in case of any risk situation until November 1st.

Comité Operativo Especializado en Fenómenos Hidrometeorológicos 2

Meanwhile, in the United States a tax-free week was set aside for the purchase of common emergency supplies such as water, medicines, flashlights, batteries and generators.

Although hurricanes do not always landfall or wreak great havoc, if you plan to go on vacation to any of these destinations, it is advisable to follow their trajectory and be attentive to the warnings of the authorities of each country.

In case you are in one of these destinations and you have to experience the pass of a hurricane, keep calm and follow the instructions provided by the staff of your hotel. Keep in mind that the culture and experience in hurricanes and tropical storms prevention is such in these destinations, that all of them have well-established Hurricane Preparedness Plan.

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