The Best Adventure in Riviera Maya

The Best Adventure in Riviera Maya

Have you ever wanted to visit an exotic land covered with nature where you can practice the most fun adventure activities?

If the answer is yes, the destination for you is the Riviera Maya, and the place you’re looking for is called Xplor adventure park.

Just imagine planning this adventure with your friends and arriving early in your comfortable transportation to this wild and beautiful land surrounded by lush vegetation…

You can choose from amazing activities that will take to fly over the jungle, swim in millenary underground rivers, and drive an exciting amphibious vehicle through jungle, flooded caves and suspension bridges.


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You can organize your day as you wish, but my personal recommendation is going straight to the zip-lines; this activity is fun as it is safe. There are several guides taking care of you and instructing you about the correct use of the equipment, so it is appropriate even for 5-year-olds!

There are 14 zip-lines, which by the way are the tallest in the Riviera Maya! The first time you try this activity and find yourself suspended at 147 feet over the treetops, you’ll scream and laugh at the same time; a traditional combination of joy and adrenaline!

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The last zip-lines will end-up in a fantastic flooded cave, where you’ll splash into fresh water to cool down from the warm temperature.

Underground Rivers

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Once you finish your airborne adventure under the Caribbean sun, it is a good idea to continue with some amazing activities in two underground rivers. In one of them, you’ll swim across a prehistoric cavern that will amaze you with jaw-breaking rock formations like you´ve never seen before. To enjoy this activity, you don’t have to be an experienced swimmer, since you’ll be provided with a lifejacket that will allow you to float and simply have fun while admiring the scenery.

The second river will require more energy as you’ll have to paddle on your own raft, alone or with one companion, through another outstanding underground stalactite river.

All Inclusive Food & Beverages

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A good swim will leave you not only tired, but hungry enough to devour a dinosaur, that’s why your Xplor access includes everything you want to eat and drink; natural juice, fruit-flavored water, delicious dishes like ceviche, salads, pasta, and a lot more mouth-watering options…

Amphibious Vehicles

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To close with a flourish, a good option is a wild ride through the jungle, driving your own amphibious vehicle. Hit the road and drive through sinuous paths, rocky terrain, flooded caves and suspended bridges. We guarantee you’ll jump, laugh, and get soaking wet!

For more information about this must activity, located in the Riviera Maya and only 1 hour away from Cancun, contact your NexusTours representatives. They’ll set all the arrangements so that you only have to worry about spending the best time with your friends!

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