Thanksgiving in the United States

Thanksgiving in the United States

One of the most famous celebrations in the United States is Thanksgiving when people gather to thank for the good things that happened to them during the year and for the people who are surrounded by them. This holiday takes place on the fourth Thursday in November and its origins date back to 1621 in Massachusetts, where a group of pilgrims shared their food with the Wampanoag natives in appreciation for teaching them harvesting, hunting, and fishing techniques.

And now you are wondering: how Thanksgiving is celebrated? Here we show you some events so you can celebrate it:

  • Thanksgiving dinner:

One of the most important customs of this day is the dinner when friends and family gather at the table to taste the traditional thanksgiving dishes; the star here is the turkey. Other dishes that are served as an accompaniment are stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and for dessert, pumpkin pie!

thanksgiving dinner

  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade:

Every year, in Manhattan, Macy’s department store holds its traditional parade full of allegorical cars, marching bands, and its eye-catchy giant helium balloons. If you wish, you can watch it through a live broadcast or go out and look for a good place to see it in the front row.

allegorical cars

  • Watch a football game:

Another traditional event is football games. During the day, three NFL games are played and are ideal for entertaining yourself as you are doing the preps for the Thanksgiving dinner.

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