Swimming with Pigs Exuma

Swimming with Pigs Exuma

Some say that it was a group of sailors who, with the idea of returning to eat them, left them at Big Major Cay, but never returned. Others think that they came to this island as survivors of a shipwreck, and some more believe that it was a peculiar business plan to attract more tourists to the island. The truth is that, nowadays, swimming with pigs in Exuma Island is one of the attractions you should not miss during your vacation in the Bahamas.

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Also known as the “Pig Beach“, in this place you will find these friendly and docile creatures swimming freely around you, as they are used to the warm climate of this small island. Even when this territory is not inhabited by humans, is inhabited by a few goats and wild cats as well. All living together in harmony!

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Unfortunately, in 2017, seven little pigs were found dead on the seashore. Finding out the causes, they were found that the pigs had ingested high levels of beer and rum… So since then, the Minister of Agriculture, Alfred Gray, has implemented the necessary measures to ensure the welfare of the piglets. “People will be able to take pictures and see the pigs swimming… but they won’t be able to feed them,” he said.


Even so, if you want to live the fascinating experience of Swimming with Pigs Exuma, live it with NexusTours! In addition to the swimming pigs, with this tour you will meet the enigmatic Allen’s Cay iguanas, swim with the nurse sharks in Compass Cay, enjoy a delicious lunch at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, and many more surprises!


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