Surfing in Acapulco

Surfing in Acapulco

Glamorous, spontaneous, and fun, without a doubt, Acapulco is one of the most exciting destinations in Mexico. And it’s no wonder since its beginnings its charming bay and its electrifying party atmosphere have been the inspiration for renowned national and international artists. The famous “Acuérdate de Acapulco” (Remember Acapulco) which Agustin Lara sang to his Maria Bonita or the unparalleled voice of Elvis Presley performing Fun in Acapulco, are proof of this.

But that’s not all! Nowadays, Acapulco’s beaches have become famous for their powerful waves: a real amusement park for lovers of surfing, bodyboarding and stand up paddle. That’s why at NexusTours we share with you the 3 best beaches to practice these watersports.

Bonfil Beach

Bonfil Ulises Rodriguez

Bonfil beach is an icon of this destination, located in the so-called Diamond zone. With more than 300 meters in length, from the area known as “Revolcadero” to “El Princess,” this beach offers all kind of waves. Some small foams on the shore, others a little taller in the middle, and some good ramps backward. To get there you will have to swim about 15 meters, but of course, it’s worth it!

Here you’ll find several places to rent boards or take surf lessons, horseback rides by the sea, and many restaurants which offer the typical dish of this destination: the famous and delicious a la talla fish (a kind of prepared fish with aromatic spices). If you see the ice-cream seller, don’t hesitate to try the traditional coconut ice-cream: a real delight for your palate.

Pie de la Cuesta

Pie de la Cuesta 3

Possessing the most spectacular sunsets on the coast of Guerrero, Pie de la Cuesta is an area of beaches located northwest of Acapulco, about 45 minutes from the International Airport.

The waves of this powerful shore break are not so recommended for surfboards or stand up paddle, because they break strongly and almost on the shore but for bodyboarding are excellent. The recommendation here -as in many areas of the Pacific- is to arrive early, before the wind comes in and the tide goes down even lower. Or in the afternoon, having as scenario the purple, reddish and ochre colors of the sunset.

Picturesque hotels by the sea, a wide variety of traditional dishes for all tastes, and the hospitality of its people will make you fall in love with Pie de la Cuesta.

Barra de Coyuca

Barra de Coyuca 3

The perpendicular road to Pie de la Cuesta will take you directly to this beautiful paradise, surrounded only by Coyuca Lagoon and a few palapas houses.

This beach break was a secret for a long time, and the perfection of its waves was only enjoyed by the locals. However, with the modernization of the road and the luxurious hotels you will find along the way, such as the Boutique del Mar Hotel, nowadays is one of the favorite places for surfing, both locals and tourists.

Peaks, ramps, barrels, Barra de Coyuca is merely perfect for all wave lovers, regardless of the season or time of day. Usually are waves from 2 to 3 meters high although, when it gets big, they can get to measure up to 5 or 6 meters.

Our recommendation is when heading to the end of the road, ask the fishermen for boat transportation to the surf spot. In addition to avoiding the walk, you can admire the natural beauty of the charming Coyuca Lagoon.

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