Surf and waves in Costa Rica

Surf and waves in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is world-famous for being one of the best places to surf. This amazing destination has different beaches for surf lovers.

Here we present to you which are the best ones to surf in Costa Rica:


  • Playa Hermosa

This beautiful beach has been host of many national and international surf tournaments. It is the favorite spot for experienced surfers, as its waves are always perfect. This beach is not 100% recommended to amateurs surfers or people who wants to relax since the beach can present waves of up to 13 feet.

  • Salsa Brava

Another of the most visited beaches in Costa Rica is Salsa Brava. It is known for have big and strong waves. Therefore, it is also recommended for advanced surfers.

  • Roca Bruja

It is located in Santa Rosa National Park. Its strong waves allow perfect barrels; however you must take care when arriving at the Naranjo River, since it is the habitat of crocodiles.

  • Tamarindo

This is one of Costa Rica’s favorite beaches for all types of surfers, as it is well-known for not having strong waves. It is also ideal for sailing, kayaking and fishing, or why not? Walking and relaxing in front of the beach.


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