Safe Traveling: 5 Tips for a Great Trip

Safe Traveling: 5 Tips for a Great Trip

Planning a trip? It doesn’t matter if you are a first timer or an experienced traveler, safety should always come first. Here are some tips you can follow that will make your trip safe and enjoyable.

Travel insurance check

You’ll be exposed to an endless amount of new experiences and situation, and medical expenses might not be something you’ve thought of when you prepared the budged for your trip. With the emergency medical assistance that travel insurance provides you won’t have to worry about how to deal with a sudden mishap. In the worst case scenario; it can save a lot of money to your loved ones and make the process easier.

Valuables with you at all times check

Something that is very important, no matter the country you are traveling to, is carrying your valuables with you during transit. Never put anything that you think might be attractive to the light-fingered on documented baggage, there is a high chance you might not see it again. Try to take your valuables with you at all times, put your tablet, laptop, cameras, or any other pricey gear light enough to carry with you in a backpack together with your personal documents.

On a side note, never leave your baggage unattended in the airport, even if you think carrying it with you to the bathroom is too much of a hassle.

Be one with the crowd check

In most countries, if you look like a tourist, it will draw unwanted attention.  This is part of the importance of planning and researching your destination.  Check out what isn’t allowed in the countries you’ll visit; it might save you a lot of troubles once you arrive. If some of the places in your itinerary are not in touristy areas, make sure you research about the type of clothing they wear and try to wear something similar when going out to the places.

Out-and-about light in the pocket check

Once in your destination, most hotels have safety boxes and hostels have lockers, make use of them and make sure you leave your accommodations with just the necessary to have you covered for the day. Do not take all your electronics with you and take only some cash and the cards you’ll need. If the plan for the day includes a quick stop back at the hotel, you can pick up some more cash or change your card if the ones you’ve used have maxed out.


Checking in regularly check

One of the best things about traveling is taking pictures, creating great memories, and sharing them with the people you love. Even if you are waiting for the perfect moment to share all of those great shots and videos, make sure you tell someone where you are going during your stay. There are excellent apps for this. Keep in touch with a family member or friend; be in contact frequently, especially if you are traveling alone.

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