Raindrops keep falling on my head… in Dominican Republic!

Raindrops keep falling on my head… in Dominican Republic!

The Dominican Republic is a beautiful island, where the Caribbean Sea and its landscapes amaze us by its beauty. Peculiar and spectacular aspects of this country are its myths, legends and beliefs. One of its most special myths talks about the Waters of May. In some regions people firmly believe that the first rains of the month are loaded of good vibrations, and that they’re even capable of producing a streak of good luck for those who take advantage of this phenomenon.

The first drops of rain are considered magical. Since the rainy season begins in the Dominican Republic, many people rush to gather the water with their bare hands; others wash their faces and body to get soaked with supposed powers, and many even cipher their hopes on being rejuvenated. They also keep it in bottles and take it to church to purify it and bless it. Some drink it hoping to cure an ailment, and some others bathe under the first downpour to be lucky throughout the year.

There are also the enigmatic fantastic beings known as Water Tiers of the Dominican Republic, who have the ability to prevent water from damaging crops or flora. They are said to have the power to control rainfall for agricultural purposes, seeking to end droughts or floods. And if that’s not enough, it is said that they can walk in the rain without getting wet!

Whether in May or any time of year, the Dominican Republic is a place worth visiting, from its traditional cities like Santo Domingo, to earthly paradises like Saona. Come visit now!

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