Places to spend Mexican Independence Celebrations

Places to spend Mexican Independence Celebrations

Experience a real Mexican celebration in September at some of the best country’s highlights and join its traditions on your vacations in Mexico.

From the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific shores, September is a special month for all Mexicans as the Independence celebrations or Fiestas Patrias begin. Before midnight on September 15th, Mexicans across the country gather to express their sense of national identity with the so expected and traditional Cry of Independence. Now, if you happen to travel to Mexico in September, here you can check a list with some options to celebrate a real Mexican fiesta and learn more about the particular culture, history, and traditions that represent this beautiful country worldwide.

Xoximilco in Cancun


Xoximilco is an excellent choice for a night celebration and ideal for sharing with the family or a group of friends. This cultural theme park consists of a series of canals that are crossed on board a picturesque and colorful Mexican gondola representative of each state of the country.

From the moment visitors arrive, they will be wrapped with the warm ambiance of an authentic Mexican Fiesta in Cancun, accompanied by typical fair games and exquisite Mexican bites to whet the appetite. During the ride through the canals, some culinary delicacies from the Mexican gastronomy are served on the bar while mariachi music, the northern band and other genres of traditional music amuse the night.

Xcaret at night


Xcaret Nature Park in Cancun is part of the list of places where travelers could join a real Mexican Independence celebration. This eco-archaeological park offers an incredible show named Xcaret Mexico Espectacular, which embarks everyone into a cultural journey and that is a true homage to Mexico.

On Xcaret at night, tourists from all around the world can witness an astonishing 2-hour spectacle where talented artists and live musicians narrate the history and culture of Mexico’s regions, from pre-Hispanic times to the present.

Puerto Vallarta’s Nightlife

puerto vallarta

September invites every restaurant, bar, and nightclub to decor with the colors of the Mexican flag and welcome visitors with the enthusiasm that represents the Mexican people. On the Pacific side, people will find at Puerto Vallarta nightclubs a route that follows to a great party in the company of friends, lots of music and of course, the drink par excellence in Mexico, tequila.

El Quelite Town


Following the line of this iconic Mexican drink, just 37 kilometers north of Mazatlan travelers will find the magical town of El Quelite, a place with cobblestone streets that emanates the culture and tradition of ancient Mexico and where, surrounded by fields of blue agave, the oldest tequila factory in the state of Sinaloa is located. This colonial day-tour is ideal for those who travel in couples and prefer a more close-up experience to the traditions of Mexico.

Regardless of where you choose to spend your vacation in Mexico during September, you are sure to find in every corner that festive spirit that represents the traditions of this beautiful and outstanding country.

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