Photo destinations for a vacation

Photo destinations for a vacation

With the continuous advancement of technology the travel experience has had a significant change, not only in the implementation of new platforms and sales models, but also in the advertising of the destination and how the client chooses the place to enjoy their vacations, being the social media the best tool for this purpose.

Platforms such as Twitter or Facebook offer consumers a space where they can share experiences and advice about the places they visit, while on Instagram they can find an impressive gallery that highlights the most incredible places that both ordinary travelers, and “influencers” have encountered during their rest days in every corner of the world, becoming the best publicity and inspiration to choose the next vacation.

In NexusTours, we have a wide variety of destinations with extraordinary beauty that will delight customers looking for the perfect photo; below we share some of our destinations in the Caribbean.


  • Holbox Island:

This island north of the Yucatan Peninsula not only presents stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and beautiful beaches, also within the island, you will find places full of art and color perfect to share.

  • Tulum:

This city known for its incredible ruins of the ancient Mayan people, has been the site of countless photographs that invite you to visit it.


  • Havana:

Its colonial architecture frames authentic visual wonders, becoming a favorite place for travelers.

  • Santiago de Cuba:

In this place, visitors can admire multiple architectural styles, from the colonial and Baroque to the neoclassical and art deco, becoming a perfect place to visit and get to know a little of the Cuban culture, and achieve incredible photographs.

  • Trinidad:

Located in the central region of Cuba, this city is very popular with travelers, where you will find a wide variety of tourist attractions surrounded by colorful cobbled streets and incredible architecture.

Dominican Republic

  • Saona Island:

This imposing island is the background of unique images with a majestic sea and vibrant colors that delight locals and visitors alike, becoming a very popular option to visit.

  • Santo Domingo:

In the capital of the Dominican Republic, tourists can marvel at various attractions, such as the first cathedral and the first castle in America in the city of Colonia, an area declared World Heritage by UNESCO, being one of the most important cities visited in the Dominican Republic.

Costa Rica


  • Puntarenas:

This port city rich in history, traditions and customs is one of the most important tourist regions of Costa Rica, with abundant islands, beaches and natural treasures has become a must-visit site.

  • Guanacaste:

The Province of Guanacaste is home to majestic rivers, impressive waterfalls and mountains, without forgetting all the biodiversity that inhabits its diverse parks and the wide variety of sports and exploration activities that the area offers.

Without a doubt, traveling is an enriching activity where memories are very important for modern tourists. The technology facilitates obtaining them and helps to share them not only with their closest friends but with the world, and inspires other people to venture and travel the world visiting incredible popular places or newly discovered sites.

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