Party at St. Lucia Carnival

Party at St. Lucia Carnival

Saint Lucia might be a tiny island on the Lesser Antilles best known for its idyllic beaches and its enviable weather; however, during July, it comes alive with the sound of steel drums and soca as it becomes the epicenter of one of the best festivities of the Caribbean. During summer’s peak, Saint Lucia’s Carnival welcomes everyone into an infectious endless party of elaborated costumes and intoxicating rhythms.

The celebrations happen on the north of the island where Castries, the capital, is home to the main parade route and its surroundings become alight with musical events, street food, dancing, and partying. Different from other carnivals, the festivities of the St. Lucia carnival brims with events previous to and after the main carnival days going as far before as April and as late as August, with “The Battle of the Bands”, the main parade, being June 15 and 16 this year. Goers can have a great time before and after the awaited dates with the fêtes or parties that spring around during this season.

The main carnival days kicks off with J’ouvert, an incredible street party that happens the day before the battle of the bands, it starts before dawn and ends way into the afternoon, people can enjoy dancing to of DJs and their excellent rhythms while covered in oil and paint.

During the two day main event, revelers can join in the parade fun wearing the exuberant costumes so particular of the carnivals of these islands. There are several bands with a wide variety of themes that provide revelers with an authentic carnival experience for a price.

Feel the rhythm of soca and dennery segment music reach into your bones! The quintessential sounds of the Caribbean follow all visitors and locals adventurous enough to join the crowd during the festivities. See the feathered headpieces and jeweled, sequined costumes move to the rhythm of music with NexusTours’ Saint Lucia Carnival Parade experience.

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