Nine Mile: Discover Bob Marley’s Birthplace

Nine Mile: Discover Bob Marley’s Birthplace

Surely you know or have heard about reggae, a musical genre that gave voice and strength to the oppressed classes, yet little has been written about its origin in the small Jamaican village of Nine Mile and the figure who made it world-famous, Bob Marley.


Take a moment and think of the Antilles, immediately you’ll get the picture of paradisiacal beaches, tropical climate, and Caribbean rhythms that invite everyone to dance. One of these islands gave us legends that are difficult to ignore, like a bobsleigh team, the world’s fastest runner, and of course, the greatest exponent of reggae music. If you’re a fan of Bob Marley’s work, you’ll probably like to know that you can visit his house and the neighborhood where he grew up on your visit to Jamaica.

Jamaica features a very diverse, incomparable beauty. You can visit its beaches, do extreme sports and even take a cultural walk through streets full of history. In the north of the country, in the Nine Mile region is the house that saw Bob Marley grow up and where he wrote many of the songs we still sing today. This small property is located in a village that has become a place of worship for followers of the Rastafari movement and lovers of reggae.

To enter the house of this idol, now a temple of reggae, is to have the opportunity to understand the songs and their context from another perspective, that of the author. Here you can also visit the performer’s remains, which were placed in a mausoleum guarded by his sculpture with his fist up as in many of his presentations, and even see the golden Les Paul guitar with which he appeared in his videos and tours. Another of the most striking curiosities in the history of Bob Marley is the stone where he made his Hol A Meds, which in Patois language means meditation, which has been decorated with the three colors representative of the Rastafarian faith.


If you wish to visit this area, it is necessary to make a tour through the mountainous jungle and some kilometers of winding roads, however, for the beauty of this picturesque place, it will have been worth the effort. You’ll know that you’ve arrived as soon as you perceive that characteristic scent in the ambiance. Also, it is advisable to try the local gastronomy, and in this Jamaican locality is no exception. The locals have established multiple cafes and restaurants so you can enjoy a refreshing drink or try national dishes.

During your visit to the cradle of reggae music, you can discover the other side of the island by choosing one of the numerous tours that take you around Bob Marley house. These visits to Nine Miles include transfers from a meeting point or from the hotel lobby, guides who share fascinating facts about the singer’s life and family, and even a delicious bite of Jamaican cuisine.

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