Mazatlan: Land of Waves, Seafood and Golden Sunsets

Mazatlan: Land of Waves, Seafood and Golden Sunsets

Three years ago, the waves and currents took me to the beautiful city of Mazatlan, in the state of Sinaloa, to participate in the National Surfing Games. I was part of the Quintana Roo Surf Team.

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The competition began at Playa Camarón (Shrimp Beach), a two-kilometer beach break of golden sand in the Pacific Ocean. The waves there are not too big, but they are strong and consistent. Most of them are left waves, but if you take one to the right, be careful with the stones below as they are full of sea urchins!

The charm of Playa Camarón is that, while waiting for the waves, you can admire the cliff where one of the most emblematic nightclubs of the city is located, and the beautiful Isla de Venados (Deer Island). Oh! It was here I first saw a stingray jump out of the water like a shooting star. You can be sure I made a wish!

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The tournament continued at Los Pinos Beach, located at the end of Mazatlan’s boardwalk, one of the longest boardwalks in the world! The waves here are long and left, and can rise up to three meters tall with the right swell. The rocky bottom is home to numerous species of fish and oysters, which can be enjoyed fresh at the seashore. Pair them with refreshing coconut water!

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The locals use Mazatlan’s boardwalk to exercise and for leisure, and the best way to traverse its 7 kilometers is on the peculiar open-vehicles known as La Pulmonía. Along the way you can admire the different monuments, the large shrimp trawlers out in the ocean and the festive atmosphere of its restaurants, alive with the sounds of the traditional tambora.

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By the way, as Mazatlan is located in the Tropic of Cancer near the Gulf of Baja California, the water is extremely rich in marine fauna. It is no wonder that this destination boasts a worldwide reputation for exquisite seafood, notably with the famous Aguachile, the most popular dish and the pride of the locals.

Because the waves were not favorable that day, the finals were held at Playa Brujas (Witches’ Beach), situated at the end of the Mazatlan’s Golden Zone. A sand bottom and right and left waves are the main features of this surf spot, which, according to the locals, owes its name to the large profile of a witch carved in stone at the bottom of the sea.

Although I didn’t obtain the expected result, as I came in 3rd place, the golden sunsets of this paradise will stay in memory forever.

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By: Danniela Benítez

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