How to travel with children

How to travel with children

No matter if it’s your first trip with your first child or the fifth with your five children, traveling with kids is always a particular topic. What do I put in the suitcase? What is the easiest way to get to my destination? These are a few questions we always think. Therefore and because in NexusTours we care about each one of our passengers, we leave you 5 tips to travel with children:


traveling with kids

Although it may seem difficult, your vacation doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Plan your vacation, investigate the places you would like to visit with your children, ask, and be confident that you will achieve it and even you will enjoy it!

Make your bags well

travel with kids

Remember that you may find basically everything in the destination you’re going to visit. Maybe it’s not what you’re used to but don’t worry about the basics, as it’s easy to find. Focus on the essentials, such as your and your children’s documentation, boarding passes and passports if necessary.

If you are traveling with babies, bring diapers, a change of clothes, his or her favorite toys, and cookies or juices that can help relieve stress during the flight; you can even take milk formula but remember to investigate in advance if the airport allows it.

Sign up with time

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Try to reduce the waiting time in the rows of the airport doing your check-in online, so that you only have to get to document your bags and go through the security filter without problems.

There are airlines that don’t have the option to choose your seat but remember that sitting in the back rows of the plane means you will always have the bathrooms closer to you.

The Hotel

family hotel

The hotel is synonymous with rest and fun. Take advantage of all the services included, such as room service, babysitting, games, and entertainment, but the comfort is really what will make you feel at home. Think about it!

Mark and follow them

traveling with children

If you are afraid that your children will get lost, you can sew labels on their clothes with your name and phone number; in case someone finds them, it will be easier to locate them.

You can also buy a GPS bracelet to always know where they are, through an application on your phone.

As you can see, it is not that difficult to travel in search of adventure with your little ones. Remember that in NexusTours we have 19 countries and 56 destinations for you to choose where you would like to take them and live the best trip of their lives.

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