How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in New York

How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in New York


Celebrating New Year’s Eve in New York has become a tradition for many people around the globe, as it represents receiving a new start in one of the world’s most exciting cities. Yet, few are really prepared to meet the demands of the event. Here we’ll show you the facts you need to consider if you’ve already decided to start next year under the Times Square Ball, especially if you are a first-timer or not used to freezing weather.


New Year’s Eve weather

The first thing to consider is that you’ll be visiting a city located very close to the North Pole and which is also situated on the coast, therefore in the winter season, cold together with strong air currents can be overwhelming. Get wool thermal clothing, gloves, a hat, and a sturdy jacket, and you’ll have passed the first round. If you need a little extra warmth, remember that Manhattan is full of shops and restaurants, and almost everywhere you go is equipped with heat. Make use of it, and don’t waste those precious calories!

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Schedule your activities in New York

The next most important factor is time. Prepare your day in a way your morning activities in Manhattan don’t take you too far from Times Square. Keep in mind that tons of people come to celebrate New Year’s Eve, and all of them are looking for the best spot. Some people arrive very early on the morning of December 31, and as the day goes on, the area starts to get crowded. Figure out how far away you want to be from the stage and estimate your arriving time accordingly because when one street is already full, the police will put up a fence, and you’ll have to enter through the next one.

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Patience is your best ally

Finally, there is one thing that will depend only on you, and that is the most important of all: Resistance. Think about the first two factors combined, now add the lack of public restrooms and food stores, which you may not think are so indispensable until you discover you’ve run out of water and snacks, and the cold starts to dry you out, or you need to eat something to warm up. Your patience will also be tested from the security filters. Take into account that due to the attacks the city has suffered, the security measures have been reinforced, and the police will check every bag you carry, not once or twice. Depending on the access site, you’ll have to go through up to 5 checkpoints before taking your place. Remember is not allowed to enter with large bags, backpacks, or umbrellas.

We suggest drinking a lot of water the day before, eating and sleeping very well. You can also carry some nuts and seeds, and ration them according to the time you’ll spend standing in the cold. That’s right, on your feet! The floor will be wet with snow, and there are no benches to rest on.

By no means, we want to stop you from attending this event, which is one of the most frequented in the world, but quite the opposite. We want you to be well prepared to enjoy New Year’s Eve in New York to the fullest. Take lots of pictures and tell us how much fun you had. On behalf of the Nexus family, we wish you a Happy New Year!



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