Hostal… Hostel

Hostal… Hostel

We have heard these two terms many times and we can come to think that they are the same thing; that their differentiation is just a pronunciation error; however they are two different things.


Is a place of accommodation that is offered at a more accessible price than hotels, because it is considered of a lower category. However, in some destinations, the services offered by the hostals are the same as in the hotels: private bathroom, room cleaning service, towels and sheets, internet and even a TV. Sometimes due to the dimensions of the rooms, hostals cannot be considered as a hotel.


Is not only the name of a horror movie,  it is usually a very economical establishment, where travelers pay for a bed in shared dormitories, unlike hostals and hotels, which always offer private rooms. There are mixed rooms or by gender (only women or only men). Services like the bathroom, the kitchen or the living room also tend to be common areas. Due to the above, staying in a hostel is a more viable option for adventurous students.

So no matter where you stay, the important thing is to take the necessary precautions and fully enjoy the destination you visit… and what better if it’s one of the over 40 destinations where NexusTours is present!

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