Guide to tourist attractions in Mazatlan

Guide to tourist attractions in Mazatlan

Enjoying holidays with family or friends is one of the main activities that take place in the summer, so the Pearl of the Pacific has become the favorite destination for national and international tourists.

For those who want outdoor activities and with friends or as a couple, with fun ATVs you can take a tour of dirt roads, beaches, forests and points of interest of the Port.

Another ideal activity is a tour in Catamaran, where you can watch whales, dolphins and the fascinating variety of marine life, as well as enjoy the beautiful landscape of the bay, the Three Islands, the largest natural lighthouse in the world. On the Deer Island together with family or friends you can snorkel or get on the banana and enjoy the tranquility and beautiful scenery.


Another alternative is quad bike rides, visits to the Mazatlan Aquarium or spend a day touring the surrounding Picturesque Villages where you can enjoy regional food and walk through its quiet streets.

Another aspect that surprises the tourist is the Marine Safari, one of the activities that most captivates tourists. It should be noted that this activity is carried out in other destinations but with dolphins in captivity, while in Mazatlan both children and adults can enjoy these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

If a stronger experience is desired, in the capsule immersion the visitor submerges to feed fish and sharks inside an acrylic capsule, in addition to learning about their habitat and feeding.

And for those who want to enjoy the nightlife, the destination offers bars, cafes and outdoor restaurants to enjoy an excellent evening with family or friends. Of course, at night you should not miss a tour of the spectacular boardwalk where you can do sports or walk quietly and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Mazatlan has an exceptional climate so that almost always the water of its beaches are warm, clean and well-taken care of, beautiful landscapes and with one of the best gastronomies of the country reason why the destination is a paradise for the tourist.

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