5 reasons to enjoy a Caribbean Christmas

5 reasons to enjoy a Caribbean Christmas

As we all know the Caribbean destinations offer exciting tours and activities, abundant jungle life, turquoise sea, waterfalls, rivers, mountains and lots of culture in every corner. But besides all this, we want to give 5 excellent reasons to enjoy Christmas in the Caribbean, a family vacation you will not forget!


1. The warm climate of the Caribbean


The best weather

The amazing climate of Caribbean destinations gives you the opportunity to escape the cold and enjoy beautiful beaches with the best atmosphere. One of the great benefits of a vacation in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba, and others, is a wonderful warm climate throughout the year. In turn, this allows you to enjoy incredible sceneries, fun adventure tours and of course to get a great tan!


2. Outdoor activities


Amazing fishing!

You will probably ask yourself, what to do in the Caribbean? We invite you to experience all the adventure tours you can find in the destinations of this amazing region. From rappelling, snorkeling, horseback riding, ATVs, swimming with dolphins and much more! You and your family will have a memorable holiday! All these tours in the Caribbean include professional equipment and expert guides who will provide you the best service with a smile!


3. A different kind of party


Make new friends

We know that Christmas is a unique celebration, but it is also big in the Caribbean! We enjoy all the happiness of this traditional holiday but with a different style. A fun experience awaits you with Caribbean rhythms and tropical music along the magic of Christmas. Find the best gifts on sunny days, walking on a beautiful beach or enjoying a vibrant nightlife in the destination of your choice. Happy Holidays!


4. Beautiful locations


Fantastic Caribbean views

Imagine exploring the trails of a tropical rainforest or practice kayak in a river of clear water, or maybe on a tour of a picturesque town in a Caribbean island. We are sure you will run into scenarios that will take your breath away during your holiday. Indulge in the beauty of these destinations, relax, tour them at your own pace, and above all, have fun in the company of your family and friends. We are waiting for you!


5. Share Christmas with the locals


Caribbean style!

The Christmas spirit is felt when shared with loved ones. We want to welcome you with open arms and give you the best service in your holiday experiences. Our local experts will share the Christmas spirit that live in the best destinations in the Caribbean, you will certainly feel at home! Enjoy a vacation in the Caribbean this Christmas and celebrate with Nexus Tours!

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