Cancun In A Minute

Cancun In A Minute



Cancun, also known as the Mexican Caribbean is located in the Yucatan Peninsula, the town itself is around 31 years old and is a popular vacation spot for tourists from all over the world.  It is easy to see why Cancun is the number 1 travel location in Mexico with it’s white sandy beaches, turquoise waters which is a haven for water activities and diving, archaeological sites that you can visit and not to forget well known party atmosphere. It is a town that never sleeps. Cancun is split into the hotel zone where you will find world class all-inclusive resorts and hotels and the Downtown area which is turning into a hive of shops, restaurants, casinos and hotels, there is something here for everyone’s tastes, budgets and needs. With few temperature differences between seasons Cancun has a year round tropical wet and dry climate, cooler months are from November to February and hotter humid months from March to September and hurricanes can be a threat between July and October.

  • High season: Mid-December to April
  • Low season: May to August
  • Shoulder season: September to November

Getting There and Away: Cancun’s International Airport has direct flights arriving daily from locations across the USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy and now Saint Petersburg, the airport sees approximately 13 million tourists arrive each year through it’s doors. Travelling distance to the Cancun hotel zone is around 20 minutes depending on which hotel you are at and around 40 minutes drive to Playa Del Carmen.

Cancun Local Transportation:Bus and taxis run here 24 hours a day, taxis can be found inside your hotel

but you will pay a much higher rate always negotiate with the driver before departing. On average to get from the hotel zone you will pay around $200 pesos (around $20 usd) and around $30 pesos ($2) Downtown. Bus are all market with the locations on the front to catch it anyway in the hotel zone you will pay $9 pesos each and Downtown $7 pesos.

Cancun Health and Safety: When it comes to safety you have nothing to worry about, Cancun is highly protected and considered one of Mexico’s safest cities to visit. Like any country you may visit you always take precaution with your belongings and personal safety, when going out at night always stay with your friends and don’t wander off on your own. One of the biggest health traps for tourists here is the sun you are in the Caribbean and UV ratings here are high, it is far too common to see bright red people walking around and feeling sorry for themselves. Even if the day looks cloudy the sun here will still burn, make sure you apply and reapply sun-creams throughout

the day. Remember don’t drink from the taps use bottled water, it is safe however to ask for ice in your drinks all hotels and bars use the same water the comes in the bottles you drink.

Money (currency): The local currency is Mexican Peso how ever the US dollar is widely expected when used in small bills, your change will be in pesos.  You can find exchange centers either at your hotel or anywhere out on the streets, most will not charge you a commission.

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