Dishes that taste like Mexico

Dishes that taste like Mexico

Visiting Mexico during September?

If you are enjoying your vacation in Mexico during September, you are lucky to celebrate with us another anniversary of the independence of our country, and this celebration is accompanied by delicious local dishes that you can find in any region you visit. Here we present to you some of the most representative!

In Puerto Vallarta

Torta ahogada

The unmistakable tortas ahogadas are a typical dish of Jalisco and you can also find them on the golden beaches of Puerto Vallarta. They are a kind of baguette made with special white local bread known as salted birote, which is filled with beans and pork or beef meat cut in pieces, which is then bathed in tomato sauce and a special chili sauce. You better try the sauces first so you can enjoy this delicious dish better and avoid surprises!

In Mazatlan

Taco gobernador

If you are visiting the warm beaches of Mazatlan, we strongly recommend you to try all the seafood that comes your way, but if you are looking for something special and different, do not hesitate to ask for the taco gobernador. This type of taco is made with shrimp or marlin, cheese, onion and chili. In some regions they’re prepared with breaded fish and tortillas cooked with flour.

In the Riviera Maya

cochinita pibil

Being so close to the state of Yucatan, if you are visiting the Riviera Maya you will have the opportunity to try their wonderful typical dishes. The Cochinita pibil is one of the most famous, and it is made from pork marinated in achiote (a type of reddish spice grown in the Caribbean) and, it’s prepared on a banana leaf and baked in an oven buried in the ground. It is served with purple onion and habanero chili sauce and you can eat it as a taco.

In Acapulco


Acapulco awaits you with open arms and not empty handed at all! There’s a lot of local dishes so that you can enjoy your stay in this heavenly place even more. You cannot go back home without trying the ceviche, which is prepared with fresh seafood (shrimp, octopus, fish or all of them), seasoned with lemon and accompanied by onion, tomato, olives and avocado. Try it with a tostada or crackers, you’ll love it.

In Huatulco


This fantastic place is lucky to be part of the spectacular state of Oaxaca, where you can find culinary delights such as the tlayuda, a semi-toasted tortilla of at least 30 centimeters in diameter, smeared with pork lard. Then, Oaxaca cheese, lettuce, roasted beef or beef jerky and spicy sauce are added. It is really a delicacy!

In Zihuatanejo


This piece of heaven located in Guerrero, also offers you amazing local dishes. One of them is the aporreadillo, made with dried beef jerky, scrambled with eggs and tomato sauce, onion, garlic and Creole chili. It is advisable to accompany it with handmade corn tortillas, fresh cheese and beans.

In all of Mexico


If there is a dish that has the peculiarity of representing the colors of the flag, it is the extraordinary chile en Nogada, prepared with chili from the region of Puebla filled with a stew of mincemeat and fruits, which includes spices and that is covered with a unique sauce of Walnut, parsley and pomegranate. You can find it in every corner of the republic during this time of the year.

Did you get hungry? Do not forget to try the delicious dishes of Mexico during your visit to any of the beach destinations where Nexus offers you the best activities and excursions!

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