Discover Puerto Vallarta

Discover Puerto Vallarta

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Discover the magic of Puerto Vallarta and its pristine beaches and colorful historic yet modern town that sits on the Pacific Ocean that is surrounded by lush tropical jungles, sparkling waterfalls and picture perfect beaches which makes it the perfect vacation spot.  PV is the second largest in the state of Jalisco economic zone and the third most important port in Mexico, you can really see why they call it the Pearl of the Pacific. Puerto Vallarta is a paradise for lovers of water sports, from fishing to diving and snorkeling all year, besides being able to see whales from December to March. The surfing waves are quite high from May to November. What waiting for a vacation package with which you can enjoy a hotel in Puerto Vallarta with a beautiful view and friendly people and if you want you can use the car rental service for comfort.

Puerto Vallarta Quick Facts



Getting There and Away

By Plane: Puerto Vallarta’s international airport has daily flights from all over Mexico, USA and Canada and with seasonal flights from the UK. The arrivals lounge has a room called Shark Tank given its name due to its white walls and high-set windows like skylights, which arriving passengers pass through after customs. In this room you will find sales reps lined up trying to sell you timeshare, tours and transportation generally just keep walking there is no need to stop. Pre booking your tours and airport transfers before you go is the best way to ensure you get the possible rate.

By Bus: National bus lines connect Puerto Vallarta (via the Central Camionera near the Modelo building north of town near the airport) with Guadalajara, Mazatlán, Manzanillo and points beyond. Bus lines include ETN and Primera Plus. Smaller bus lines connect Puerto Vallarta to small coastal and sierra towns.

Puerto Vallarta Local Transportation

Boat: Vallarta’s water taxis serve the beautiful beaches on the southern side of the bay. These beaches that are accessible only by boat. Departing from the pier at Playa de los Muertos, here you can also hire private yachts to spend the day exploring and cruising the bay.

Bus and Tram: Local buses operate every five minutes from 5 am to 11 pm on most routes, and cost $5 pesos. Plaza Lázaro Cárdenas at Playa Olas Altas is a major departure hub. There are also luxury intercity buses that run between towns which can be caught from the airport.

Taxi: Taxis from the airport are Federally governed and are non negotiable, once your are in the hotel zone make sure you ask for the rate before you accept the ride. Generally travel within the one area is around $40 pesos, check with your hotel for the correct rates for each area.

Health and Safety in Puerto Vallarta

Safety in Puerto Vallarta is like any destination around the world that you are travelling too try and stay in groups when out at night, Puerto Vallarta is a high tourist zone so it is fairly safe and have little to worry about. According to tripadvisor it is safer than most US cities. Not all beaches have lifeguards on duty so when swimming with kids make sure you keep an eye on them as the currents can be strong. In regards to health don’t drink the tap water use bottled water at all times, the ice used in drinks is safe to drink. Sun burn is one major problem tourists suffer from, even on cloudy days the sun is just as dangerous.


The local currency is Mexican Pesos but USD is widely accepted everywhere in small denominations, if you use USD you will get pesos in return and most places use the higher exchange rate. It is better to pay in pesos as you normally get a better rate and not everyone uses the same exchange rate.



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