Destination: Summer

Destination: Summer

Is summer the same everywhere?

Summer, at least in the northern hemisphere, is synonymous of hot afternoons, surprising rain and shining sun, however, summer is not perceived the same everywhere. Keep reading and you’ll find out how summer is experienced in different destinations!

Los Cabos (Mexico)

This beach destination is calm and enigmatic. The average temperature varies between 22 ° C and 28 ° C. While the weather is warm during the summer, the sea water remains cool and refreshing. This part of Mexico is known for its rains from August through September, with an average maximum temperature of 32°C. However, there is only a 20% chance of rain every day during this period.

 Acapulco (Mexico)

Golden beaches with a beautiful deep blue sea in the background! This destination is tropical, humid and warm, with temperatures between 26 ° C and 28 ° C. During the summer the days are hot, however, the evenings and nights are rainy and cool. Temperatures reach up to 32 ° C. At this time of year, the sea water has a temperature of about 25 ° C.

 Cancun (Mexico)

The Mexican Caribbean par excellence! Hot, colorful and humid destination. The humidity begins to increase at the end of April and reaches its peak during the summer. Temperatures reach up to 37 ° C in August, with a minimum of 27 ° C during the night. It is also the rainy season, which can cool the weather up to 26 ° C during the day.

New York (USA)

Summer in NYC? Yes! Despite being a cosmopolitan destination and renowned for its Christmas snowfalls, summer is an excellent option to visit this emblematic city. During this season, the average temperature is in the range of 25 ° C to 28 ° C. The weather throughout the summer increases and generates a suffocating sensation because of humidity. In September the temperatures begin to decrease.


A relaxed, fun and paradisiacal summer! The weather in this destination is generally very pleasant. The typical temperature in summer is 28 ° C, although the humid climate is affected by the ocean, which can create fog, wind and rain that consequently affect the temperature. During July, August and September, the weather can be extremely hot due to the high thermal sensations.

Do not forget your sunglasses!

If you visit any of these destinations during your summer vacation, do not forget to enjoy this time of year to the fullest and take care of your health, avoiding heat strokes and damages to your skin. Also you can have fun with the best activities that NexusTours has in-store for you!

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