Bahamas bets for sustainable tourism

Bahamas bets for sustainable tourism

The government of the Bahamas is undertaking an ambitious solar panel implementation program for the next five years, said Bahamas Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis.

Through the Nassau Sustainable Project, the government will improve the integration of intelligent technology to ensure that the inhabitants of the Bahamas use energy in public buildings, schools and lighting, in a more efficient manner.

Development sustainable strategies must be smart and sustainable, because eighty percent of the landmass of the Bahamas will be threatened by a one-meter rise in sea level.

“While we urge the world’s largest nations to reduce their huge carbon footprint and help small island developing states mitigate the effects of climate change, we must play our part in the development of sustainable energies,” said Hubert Minnis.

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Climate change is a global challenge that doesn´t respect borders, emissions from anywhere affect the whole world. It´s a problem that requires internationally coordinated solutions and international cooperation to help countries move towards a sustainable economy with low carbon emissions.

Experts point out that there are affordable and measurable solutions that will allow countries to achieve sustainable, cleaner and more resilient economies. Among these options are renewable energies, which will reduce carbon emissions and increase the adaptation efforts of each country.

As living beings we must be diligent in putting into action, plans for renewable energy and energy efficiency provided by the sun, wind, oceans, rivers and lakes.

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