Archaeological zones and art in Cancun

Archaeological zones and art in Cancun

When we think of a dream vacation, Cancun is a destination that comes to our mind thanks to its popular white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and a tropical climate which invite travelers from all over the world to enjoy.

Over time, Cancun has become not only a wonderful destination to relax, but it is also the perfect place to party and enjoy the electrifying nightlife and entertainment. An ideal place for any type of visitor!

From aquatic and quiet activities for the whole family to nightclubs only for adults, Cancun has it all! Even though it is hard to believe, Cancun has also interesting museums and archaeological sites where we can learn about the history of the great Mayan culture: spot’s you can’t miss!

1.- El Rey Archaeological Site

Located at kilometer 18 of Kukulkan Boulevard, in the Hotel Zone, El Rey is one of the most important archaeological zones in Cancun. According to investigations, El Rey and the nearby site of San Miguelito, formed the nuclear area of ​​a town dedicated to maritime trade and fishing activities.

In this area, we can see some Late Postclassic ruins such as a pyramidal basement of a temple and constructions presumably of palaces of the time.

2.- San Miguelito Archaeological Site

Inside the Maya Museum and only 2 km away from El Rey archaeological site, we can find San Miguelito. It is a settlement whose main economic activities were fishing, agriculture, and salt, honey, copal and cotton production, which were traded in the mid-16th century with the arrival of the Spaniards to the Yucatan Peninsula.

In this area we can find several structures, being one of the most popular and important Chaak Palace, which is believed to be a building of public functions. According to the orientation of some pyramids, some think that San Miguelito could be related to El Rey archaeological site.

3.- Mayan Museum of Cancun

cancun museum

Located at km 16.5 of the Kukulkan Boulevard in the Hotel Zone of Cancun, this museum is one of the most important along with the National Museum of Anthropology and the Museum of the Templo Mayor. It protects one of the most significant archaeological collections of the Mayan culture in the country, including a few relevant pieces of Quintana Roo, along with some emblematic ones of Palenque, Chichen Itza and Comalcalco, among others.

The museum has areas in which various themes are presented; the first room is dedicated to the archeology of Quintana Roo, the second, on aspects of the Mayan civilization, its relationship with the environment, the origin and economic activities; and the third room offers temporary exhibitions related to the theme of the museum.

4.- El Meco Archaeological Site

Located north of Cancun at km 2.7 on the road from Puerto Juarez to Punta Sam highway, right in the bay of Isla Mujeres we can find El Meco. It is believed that this archaeological site played a relevant role in the Mayan navigation route along the entire coast, due to its location and vision of Cancun island and its surroundings, thus giving it a strategic importance in the pre-Hispanic era.

5.- Underwater Museum of Art

Underwater Museum cancun

Located between the waters of Cancun and Isla Mujeres, its more than 500 permanently submerged sculptures turn it into the most attractive submarine art museum worldwide! Ii is divided into two galleries: Manchones and Punta Nizuc. At the first one, the sculptures are located 8 meters from the surface, so diving is recommended for a better appreciation; while in Punta Nizuc the pieces are only 4 meters from the surface, therefore only snorkel is allowed.

This museum perfectly combines the emblematic aquatic activities of the area with an art museum, becoming an unparalleled experience not to be missed.

As you may realize, Cancun offers so much more than what it shows at first sight, it has several options out of the ordinary, which makes it a complete destination to enjoy with family, friends, as a couple and even for solitary travelers. Don’t miss the opportunity and visit some of these places during your vacation in Cancun

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