Adventure Enthusiasts at Punta Cana

Adventure Enthusiasts at Punta Cana

There are several ways you can get to know new places when going on vacation. Some people stay in luxurious resorts, enjoy getting a good tan, book a spa treatment, and simply forget about any sign of hard work; some more plan a romantic getaway to the most private sceneries and live their own love story.

All of the above are good ideas to spend your vacation time. However, today we want to dedicate this post to all those who enjoy climbing, swimming, riding, tasting new flavors and getting in touch with nature… those who aren’t afraid of a few mosquitoes; those who dare to taste a spicy flavor and even encourage a friend to try so; those who fly through the jungle and jump into the open sea… here’s to adventure enthusiasts!

There are plenty of Punta Cana excursions, but we’ve collected activities that take place in land, water and air, so that you get to explore the Dominican settings from different perspectives:

Horseback Riding

horseback riding punta cana

Leave the cities behind and head to the countryside where you’ll ride a beautiful horse through the lush jungle vegetation. Ride along different kind of terrains, cross rivers, make your way through a beautiful wild setting, and create a special bond with your gentle horse.

You’ll feel like a true explorer when you find charming small villages, surrounded by wild flora and fauna of the region.

After an amazing journey through this exotic land, you’ll reach Macao Beach where you’ll be able to rest from your adventure or cool down while enjoying the ocean waves.

This tour includes professional guides and bottled water, just remember using always biodegradable sunscreen to protect the environment, wearing comfortable clothing and a bringing a swimsuit with you.

Bavaro Splash

speed boat punta cana

Experience speed under the sun, race your friends or enjoy the fantastic turquoise setting on board your own speedboat.

After some simple directions you’ll be riding your boat like a professional crossing the waves like an arrow.

The second part of this tour is the underwater experience; with the help of an impressive snuba equipment you’ll be able to dive without wearing some heavy and complicated equipment.

snuba diving in punta cana

Snuba technology combines the excitement of scuba diving and the simple use of a snorkel; you´ll just have to enjoy the magnificent reef scenery and relax in this unspoiled world surrounded by colorful marine life.

 Canopy Adventure

tirolesa punta cana

An airborne adventure through the trees awaits amidst the Dominican jungle. Once you reach this vast area you won’t believe your eyes… from top of the platforms you’ll get a full scenic view of the area.

This fast and tall zip-lines will let you feel like an eagle flying from one platform to the other, always cared for by a qualified team of experts, and with some of the safest equipment in the area.

You’ll feel the cool breeze in your face while an indescribable freedom sensation fills your spirit and makes you scream from top of the treas. You (and not DiCaprio) will be the king of the world.

selva punta cana

After flying along more than 2 kilometers at a 12-meters height, you’ll recover your strength with delicious fresh fruit and then you’ll get the chance of buying the perfect souvenir as a trophy of this adventure.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re planning to visit Punta Cana, book your favorite tours and complement your vacation.


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