Adrenaline, adventure, one place: Xenotes

Adrenaline, adventure, one place: Xenotes

Xenotes, which in Mayan means “dzonot” which means abyss, cenote is a term used in Mexico to call the enormous pools of crystalline water that are located in the Yucatan Peninsula.

It is now another natural attraction to visit the Riviera Maya in Quintana Roo and have the opportunity to make the only tour that integrates an exciting circuit of cenotes that bring together adventure, fun and the mysticism of the Mayan landscapes: Xenotes.

The ancient Mayans had a connection with them because they were their main source of water in addition to being considered the entrance to the underworld.

Its creation goes millions of years back when the Yucatan Peninsula was covered by sea, which when descending left the coral barrier exposed and gave rise to a limestone soil, which being very porous, allows the filtration of water of rain that fills the numerous tunnels and caverns of the subsoil forming the underground rivers. As the ground erodes, it collapses and gives rise to the cenotes.

The tour offers a tour of 4 different types of cenotes: Iik ‘Xenote Air is the oldest, Ha’ Xenote Water is semi open, K’áak Xenote Fire that is open and another cavern type, Lu’um Xenote Ground; where you can descend with a sheltered assisted rappel; slide down the zip lines to a refreshing landing; observe and enjoy the exotic vegetation of the jungle on board a kayak or swim in the turquoise waters of the place.

To complete the experience for this intrepid journey in the heart of the Mayan jungle, the Glam Picnic is an excellent opportunity to live with the adventurers and share their experiences within the park.

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