A Night of Traditions in a Trajinera

A Night of Traditions in a Trajinera

Along the green territory of Cancun lies a place with such magic, that it flows in the wind and reaches all senses with notes of rich traditions and flavors of joy. This fantastic spot is called Xoximilco, a tribute to the legendary area of the same name, located in Mexico City.

When the sun starts to hide in the horizon of the Mexican Caribbean, Xoximilco’s Mexican fiesta takes all its visitors through a delicious dinner that features mouth-watering delicacies of this country, accompanied by refreshing beer and tequila.

In an atmosphere of friends and laughter, you’ll traverse beautiful canals accompanied by mariachi music that will take you through the history of this country and its unforgettable characters.

That’s why we wanted to show this fantastic experience that you’ll surely want to try when you visit the Mexican Caribbean.

Of course, you loved it… who wouldn’t? And now you must be thinking: Now what? Where do I book? And the answer is simple: It all starts by clicking on this link… Cheers!

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