8 travel apps for a carefree vacation

8 travel apps for a carefree vacation

If you’re going to take a trip and want to make it comfortable and safe, these travel apps will help you solve the biggest problems every traveler faces:

Google Trips


Google knows everything, even the reservations you’ve received in your Gmail. Thanks to that, you’ll be able to get a detailed itinerary of your trip. With Google you’ll get to see recommendations of activities to do in the city you visit, as well as your previous trips to make it much easier for you to decide where you want to have your next trip.


pack point

Flights? Check. Your itinerary? Check. You even have your boss permission to take some days off, but only one thing is missing: to pack your bag. Forget about dying of cold in the mountains or taking your wool sweater to the beach, PackPoint will help you organize your luggage according to the destination, climate, duration and even the activities you are going to do.



The first thing you should do when arriving to a new city is to know where you are located. If you consider that the connection to the Internet can be very poor, very expensive or there’s not a single trace of it, this app will help you a lot since it provides you the maps of almost all the cities of the world without needing a WiFi connection.



You’ve just arrived at your destination, and you must warn at home that you’re ok, or you need to post in your Instagram story about your new adventure, but guess what? You have no signal. This application has a very extensive database of accesses to connection points in different countries. It will help you to stay connected but most important; it will help you to save good money on your phone bill.

Travel Safe

travel safe

We are never exempt from having an emergency, and if it happens in the middle of a trip, we must be warned. Travel Safe has compiled the emergency numbers for each city, so you don’t waste valuable time finding them, a must for every traveler.

Google Photos

google fotos


The thirst for taking pictures of our vacation is infinite, back in time we went from 36 images per roll to filling memory cards with photos in a single trip. With this application you can save up to 15 GB of images online, so you don’t run out of space on your phone.



You saved enough money for your trip, and now it’s time to enjoy it. It can be hard not to lose control of your savings, with this app you can monitor your expenses and make a complete record of your payments and even take photo evidence so you can justify your travel expenses.



There are many reasons to travel, and seeing your favorite band out of your city is a big one. Songkick has been designed to publish the next concerts in the city you visit and to follow the tours of your favorite artists. You can even link this app to your Spotify playlists to not miss any.

Take note of these recommendations, we are sure your vacation will be even more fun. In the meantime, let us show you your next destination, only in NexusTours!

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