4 churches to discover during Holy Week

4 churches to discover during Holy Week

More than days to rest, to leave the routine or to visit some magnificent place, for many, the Easter holidays are days to reflect. For that reason, and because in NexusTours we know many churches have interesting stories to tell, we share 4 religious centers that you cannot miss during your vacation in some of our destinations.

Chapel of La Paz

Located on the highest part of El Guitarron hill, the Ecumenical Chapel of Peace, better known as the Chapel of La Paz (Chapel of Peace), overlooks the beautiful bay of Acapulco from the heights.

Its construction was proposed by Milly Hauss de Trouyet, wife of the businessman Carlos Trouyet, for the residential club Las Brisas, in order to put spirituality within everyone’s reach. However, she died just before it was finished, so her husband was the one who made her beloved’s dream come true.

When the two sons of the Trouyet couple died in a plane accident, the architect Claudio Favier sculpted two big hands, as a symbol of the fraternal union between both brothers.

Don’t miss the spectacular view of Acapulco from the Chapel of La Paz, whose emblematic cross rises imposingly to 42 meters high. Live this experience in Holy Week with our sensational Acapulco City Tour!


Ave Maria Church at Pluma Hidalgo

Enter the heart of the Sierra Madre range, in the state of Oaxaca! Placed between majestic mountains and surrounded by a sea of clouds, Pluma Hidalgo is a charming town owner of incredible natural beauty, interesting history, and an exquisite coffee tradition.

In its main square, you will find the picturesque Ave Maria church, which was founded between 1950 and 1954. Admire its peculiar architecture and its vivid colors of this impressive place, which even nowadays it preserves the wooden images of the ancient times.

In addition to visiting a beautiful waterfall, our tour to Pluma Hidalgo and Coffee Tasting Experience will take you for a walk through a coffee plantation where you will learn the secrets of one of the best organic coffees not only in Mexico but in the world.

Church of San Felipe at Portobelo

The church of San Felipe is a Catholic parish located in Portobelo, province of Colon, Panama, and it is considered a national historic monument. With a colonial artistic aspect, it is better known as the Church of the Black Christ, due to the image of a black Jesus.

Every October 21st, hundreds of parishioners visit the Church of the Black Christ to pray for a miracle to the Black Christ of Portobelo. The first church was built in the 17th century, but it was destroyed by the pirate Henry Morgan, and the present church was built until 1814.

During the enriching Train Express Portobelo tour, you will discover this amazing place listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and, accompanied by an expert guide, you will learn the secrets of this wonderful destination.


Our Lady of Carmen Chapel

It is religious emblem of Playa del Carmen and, although it is small, its beauty attracts attention because its main stage is the Caribbean Sea.

Known as “The Church 5th Avenue”, it was built in 1960 on the initiative of the founding families, who donated the land where it is placed and themselves, along with some of their workers, built this Catholic temple stone by stone and with their own hands.

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