3 Exciting Activities to Celebrate Children’s Day

3 Exciting Activities to Celebrate Children’s Day

Children’s Day is a long awaited day for the little ones in the house; it is possibly as important for them as their birthday. The illusion of receiving special attention and the expectation of receiving a gift makes them especially happy in the days leading up to the end of this month. Make them spend moments they will surely remember all of their lives with a getaway to a place where both kids and adults will have fun.

Travel as a family to the best destinations, here, children are the protagonists of the attractions and activities. See how a big smile is drawn on your children’s faces when they discover that their next stop is the place they’ve always wanted to go to. Do you want to have fun like a child as well? Here are some activities that will make this day magical.

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Take them to Los Cabos, Mexico and have a day full of emotions and learning with the RZR Kids Off Road tour. This off-road experience is safe for everyone, here they will cross streams, ravines, dunes, and learn about the ecosystem that surrounds them in the herpentarium. Children will have the opportunity to see the fauna and flora of Los Cabos while they travel at full speed in their own vehicle.


Lego fan? Legoland® is the ideal place to develop your creativity and have fun in a big way; this theme park in Orlando, Florida is specially designed for children between 2 and 12 years old. It has a wide variety of attractions that include the Coastersaurus, a roller coaster that snakes through a prehistoric jungle with dinosaurs, and the Wave Racers within the AQUAZONE®, part of a water park where Legos and water mix. In addition, you can stay in one of their hotels if you are a fan who wants the full experience.


Ever dreamed about being an astronaut? The NASA Kennedy Space Center, near Orlando, is an excellent place to feel like a child again. Visit the headquarters, the vehicle assembly building, listen to an astronaut talk about their experience, you can even visit the Firing Room 4 where the last 21 missions were launched into space! Learn and be amazed with everything you will discover.

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