2019 Bucket List Travel

2019 Bucket List Travel

A new year has begun with 365 opportunities to travel and discover the best places to spend your vacations. Here we present to you the ultimate bucket list travel for 2019!


Get ready for magic, clear blue skies and fun under the sun!  Discover the most emblematic theme parks such as Walt Disney World® Resort, Universal Orlando® Resort, SeaWorld® Orlando, LEGOLAND® Florida Resort and many other attractions. Plus, this city offers several cultural activities, museums, nightlife and outstanding sports events.


Travel to this out-of-the-world island! In this Caribbean paradise you’ll find beautiful beaches, adventure activities such as island safaris, fantastic local food, rich history and culture, tropical gardens, nightlife, sightseeing, romance…and so much more!


Feel welcomed to this ideal place to relax, explore and experience at your own pace. This island owns pristine-white-coral-sand and dark-ash-gray beaches! You’ll also enjoy amazing eco-adventures, marvelous local culture and incredible aquatic activities.


This small island is full of surprises! Enjoy its nutmeg aroma, tasty fruit growing all around and idyllic sandy strands.  Give yourself the chance to admire its lush landscapes and breathtaking waterfalls, but mostly, learn about its interesting history and swim in its one-of-a-kind coastlines.


This Cuban jewel is one of the most beautiful colonial cities of the New World, so give yourself a treat and explore this amazing place. You’ll feel like the time stood still as you learn everything its streets and buildings have to tell. Plus, it’s also filled with fantastic valleys and natural beauties.


Another Floridian treasure! Besides its world renowned nightlife, this cosmopolitan city provides several cultural activities, historic hideaways, amazing shopping malls, food extravaganzas and once again, famous sports events!

Don’t miss the chance to travel and discover these phenomenal places and stay tuned, because NexusTours will offer you the best activities during your visit!

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